Yesterday, Sunday, December 3, 2023, a referendum was held in my country (Venezuela) and I had to be at one of the polling stations which was in a basic education school.

At some point when there was little influx of people, I wanted to take a tour of that school, which I had never entered before in my life. As I walked inside the school, I realized the horrible state of the facilities. Curiosity made me want to enter the school. girls' bathroom and I asked a classmate to go in with me, when I entered I couldn't believe what I saw, I asked the person with me several times: Is this really the girls' bathroom? And her response was the same “Yes this is it.”

Then I had to look for one of the teachers who taught there because I honestly couldn't believe what I had seen. I was lucky (blessed) that one of the members of our polling station was a teacher at that basic education school and her The answer was the same "Yes, Sunday, that bathroom is the girls' bathroom" and I couldn't believe how deplorable that bathroom was, I couldn't believe that girls had to relieve themselves in such a place.

Then I finished reviewing the entire school (I can't reveal the reasons why I had so much time to review the entire school) and ended up frustrated. During the rest of my activities in that place I only prayed to God and with tears I said, “You know that I am asking you for money for a house because of everything I suffer living in someone else's house, but I don't need a big house, provide me with enough.” money that I bought a small house and the rest I am going to donate to accommodate this school because I cannot bear the idea of children receiving classes in such conditions.”

When I finished my activities in that place, I went to the place where I live and asked why the mayor of the city did not help that school and they answered that that school is not the responsibility of the mayor, but my mind could not accept how someone could enter that school. school and not feel moved.

Then I started thinking about the hardness of heart of people today and I remembered two super hard times that I went through in my life and I went into some Christian Facebook groups and asked for help and what I received was insults, some people from Christian church groups Reformed and of sound doctrine insulted me and repeated “This is a place to share the word of God, not a place to ask for donations” other groups simply deleted my publication.

I also remembered a publication that another brother made saying that Christians should be people who help those in need and a response they gave to that publication was: “I do not agree with this publication, it should give more biblical basis.”

In the end, thinking about how hard-hearted people are, I realized how hard-hearted the Christians themselves are because not only the mayor has entered that school but many Christians have also entered and in this city there are churches that boast of be the largest church in the city, but nevertheless they have not dedicated themselves to being a light and the sad thing is that surely many of their children will attend that school, but if we do not help each other among the Christians themselves (as they did with me who rather insulted me) much less with the people outside.

I have known several pastors say "Every church has a vision and the vision of our church is not to help those in need." The truth is that it is one of the stupidest things in the world but you cannot imagine the number of pastors who think the same. same.

Other pastors give only as a strategy to attract people to congregate in their church.

Thinking about all this today, I reflected and told myself: “the church today also needs a referendum, the church today needs a recall referendum, to revoke these hard hearts, to revoke hearts of stone and pray that God establish hearts according to the yours because otherwise we will continue to be like a cymbal that resounds on a cymbal and makes noise and nothing more (1 Corinthians 13:1-7)

The Christian church urgently needs a recall referendum to recall these cold hearts who only want God for them, but who dare not help others.


Kisses, I am Professor Bubba.

Deuteronomy 15:10-11 (TLA)

If you have the power to do good, do not refuse to do it to those who need it; Do not say to your neighbor: “Go away, come back again, tomorrow I will give you something,” when you have something to give him with you.

Proverbs 3:27-28 (NKJV)

Serving the poor is making a loan to the Lord; God will pay for those good deeds.

Proverbs 19:17 (CST)

God blesses the one who is generous and the one who shares his bread with the poor.