Just arrived to Osaka, Japan for a few days and looking for some nice cafes to work from. Any suggestions?

I'm writing this from a nice cafe I found here, but unfortunately they charge for the wifi (1,100 yen for 2 hours, 2,500 for day pass. I wish they told me this before I bought my drink)!

In Tokyo and Fukuoka I was able to find nice ones to work from, but in my brief walk here I didn't see much. But perhaps I'm not in the right area (this area feels super hipster 😂).

On a broader note, I wonder if there's a way to foster the knowledge share of nice cafes to work from. I recognize that it's a bit of a prisoner's dilemma problem. Had a vision for a site to solve this and built a basic prototype nomadz.app, but stopped working on it due to time constraints, but it's definitely something I want to build out in the future. There's just so much opportunity now with AI and everything it's hard to justify working on something like this, especially since I'm not financially independent and thus ultimately to a degree still a slave to money.