Making this thread so people can introduce each other!

Hi, I'm Jeremy. I made this site last year out of frustration with the comment quality on sites like Reddit, and the anti-crypto rhetoric and lack of "subreddits" on HN. I posted this site to HN last night amidst all the Reddit drama and explained a bit more there so won't rehash everything here:

Anyways I'm a semi-employed full stack web developer from the U.S (Virginia originally, but used to live in NYC). Been traveling the world for the last 5 years (47+ countries). Just landed last night in Seoul, South Korea.

I'm currently building, a Notion clone I plan to open source that lets you easily publish collections of documents (eg. as a blog or digital garden).

I've been a pretty staunch advocate of universal basic income and remote work for about a decade now, ever since I worked my first office job. This video I made on wage slavery got 121k views.

These days when I post online it's mostly on Twitter (@jeremybernier) and this crappy Wordpress blog. My personal website is (I made it myself...well other than borrowing that super cool animation)

Curious to learn about the other visitors here. Also curious to hear your ideas on what it would take to make a better Reddit / HN alternative.

EDIT: Updated Introductions thread here:

    🍄 | 1 year ago

    Good on you for trying to make a change, wish you luck