Being a software engineer in 2023 is knowing that 95% of everything you're doing now will be obsolete in 5 years. By 2028 app creation will be a commodity & coding will be writing prompts that update themselves Tech was always fast-changing, now we're supercharging exponentially

Humans cannot compete with AI in the long run. Now is one of the last moments in time where as a human you can still have an edge. In a decade, that will mostly be gone. Human labor being obsolete to AI would be something to celebrate if we had a UBI (basic income), but we don't

10 years ago I thought it was obvious that implementing UBI would be an enormous net-positive for society, especially since it was obvious AI was automating labor. Now you'd have to be an idiot to not see the writing on the wall, yet I don't see much talk of UBI.

Anyways, the golden age of human labor is coming to an end. We can embrace & applaud this, implementing a UBI, freeing the wagcucks, etc. Or we can cry & deny it while desperately clinging on to the last remains of our own waning relevance like luddites & boomer politicians