Sweep is an open-source AI-powered junior developer. You describe a feature or bugfix in a GitHub issue and Sweep writes a pull request with code.

Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBVna_ow8vo

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jeremybernier🔗 | 11 months ago

This is mind-blowing. Today it is a junior developer, in 5 years it will be a senior developer, and the only work left for humans will be high level architecture, reviewing code, and handling edge cases.

"But new jobs will be created by the increased productivity". Bullsh*t. Humans are becoming replaced by machines just like horses were replaced by cars. The job market will become more competitive + bifurcated while inequality rises until we reach a boiling point and implement a UBI

I for one welcome our AI developers, I already spend too much time staring at a 17 inch rectangle. My eyesight has seriously deteriorated recently. I'll keep working though because work is a status symbol and I need to keep up with the Jones's.

Imagine an economic system where "AI being able to do your job" means "oh sh*t I'm fucked" instead of just more free time and being something to celebrate.

It'd be nice if we'd upgrade our system now, but seems like politicians only improve things when sh*t is about to hit the fan