This is super inspirational. Long read but well worth it. Also his blog is great and he posts very frequently there and on Twitter @alexwestco

"There is no epic launch. No epic event. No going absolutely viral.

I built the website with a no-code tool and launched it on ProductHunt out of the blue. If people did indeed subscribe, I would rush and create it before by the 1st of the next month and deliver them the list, as my website stated.

No pretend work this time.

Even those mockups, soft launches, Reddit posts and cold emails had started to feel like "pretend work" now.

Just launch already.

The launch went well, and I got ten paying customers. Just like that. With a $29/mo price tag, I was at $290 MRR!

Some subscriners had business emails as well. I had officially built a B2B product at last!

All and all, I went from no idea to $290/mo in two weeks."